About Hope

Hope Arcuri lives in Manhattan and works in communications for a global NGO.

Hope started this blog during the second month of her freshman year in college. Hope’s birth was a scientific miracle. For ten years, doctors told her mom there was simply no way she could have children; she had a rare disease called Turner’s Syndrome which causes infertility. But with the help of brand new at the time in vitro fertilization (IVF), Hope was born! The Oprah Show featured her miraculous birth on their show, as did PBS Frontline. Hope shouldn’t be here, and she sees her life as a huge opportunity to spread hope to her thousands of readers. Hope is a state of mind, but once we have that hope we need to act. And to do that, we need to use the gifts we’ve been given and a healthy dose of ambition to live out that hope. Words of Hope Blog seeks to do just that: to inspire you to live a hope-filled life building each other up and chasing your dreams. 

The Words Of Hope tab includes her latest, vulnerable posts meant to fuel hope and empathy in your life. The Missed Moments tab is an archived series of collected observations of people Hope encountered on the DC metro in the summer of 2015.

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Want Hope to speak at your event? Get in touch with her over social media or email. Hope speaks at leadership, youth, activist and fundraising events, at conferences, and at churches.

The Words of Hope logo was designed by Kelsey Graywill from Graywill Creative Projects. The professional pictures were photographed by Tanya Odom at Oh, Goodness– Fine Portraits in Winston Salem, NC.


  1. Hip, hip hooray for Hope! Love the blog. Way to think out of the box, spread your wings, do something new… So proud of you!

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