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I’ve attended three fitness classes in DC since getting here Sunday, and I’ll give you the rundown of my favorite today (But don’t worry, I’ll inform you of all the classes I attend this summer!).

Today I attended Blast DC in the West End area.

Blast was started by Missie Wolf in 2008, after she lost 100 pounds from eating and exercising right. She has since opened three locations in Atlanta and now one in DC.

The basic idea is that for 30 minutes attenders run sprints using high inclines, and then do floor work for 30 minutes.

Newcomers are supposed to arrive to the studio 15 minutes before so that they can be given a tour of the facility, a safety instruction, and to allow for a little Q and A. Of course I planned to be there 15 minutes early, and got off work and to the metro with plenty of time, but the Blue line had an 18 minute delay, so I only got there 5 minutes before. However, I called to let them know I’d be late, and they were so accommodating. They helped me find the locker room quickly when I got there, and Lauren gave me the safety briefing in record speed.

Lauren was a phenomenal instructor. She guided us through the exercises, tweaking anyone who was doing it wrong (aka me, lots…), in a gentle and non-judgmental way. An assistant walks around the room and fills your water bottle and changes out your towel.

The floor exercises and the treadmill routine changes every single class, but for mine included: sprints, jogging, walking, and lunging at a 30%, 25%, 15%, 5% and 0% incline. And then weight exercises focused on triceps, abs, and biceps. We did tonssss of push-ups.

It was an absolute honor to meet the instructor after class. She cheered me on, encouraged me, showed me the most affordable way to buy classes, and told me a bit about her story. She didn’t have to give me the time of day, but she did.

You guys probably know that one of the reasons I love Pure Barre is because it’s about being a community. We’re a family. We’re connected by our desire to be healthy and body positive.

Missie ended our conversation saying, “Blast DC is unlike anywhere else because here we are a family. There’s no judgment, just encouragement.”

Lauren, the instructor, even found me after class to give me a hug and say how proud she was of me. Let that just sink in for a minute: me, a first timer who barely knew what she was doing and who was sweating out the wazoo, was hugged by the instructor who didn’t owe me anything at all and probably didn’t want to get sweaty.

I’ll take a kick-butt workout any day where the people are not only friendly and encouraging, but also challenge you to push yourself more.

I know I’ll be coming back to Blast DC and that I’ll definitely take more classes with Lauren. If you’re in the DC or Atlanta area, I encourage you to check Blast out, too.

I’ll be posting more fitness class reflections later this week, on classes including Power Playground, RIDE at MINT Gym, The Daily Method, and Barre3.

And if you’re in the DC area, feel free to join me at any of these classes 🙂

Words Of Hope Blog-- dedicated to vulnerable writing about my crazy life. Check out my new tab Missed Moments about my experiences on public transportation!


  1. Do you need a membership of any sort, or are you getting free trial classes? Or are these pay by class?

    1. Great question! The awesome thing about DC and its thriving fitness culture is that most fitness classes are free the first time. At some places, even the first 5 classes are free! So I’m doing all of the free trials at lots of places this summer, and will do monthly commitments at places I really like.

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