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I dragged myself to FlyBarre, kicking and screaming. Why? Well, I love Pure Barre and I have Pledged Allegiance To The Creators and Endorsers of All Things Pure Barre. I think it’s an outstanding company, and it was the first barre class ever created! There are over 400 studios in the US and Canada, and it’s a full brand, with specific, tailored moves and a thriving community.

I didn’t want to try a different kind of barre class. Nothing could possibly compare to Pure Barre, and I thought if I went I’d be cheating on it. I’m not kidding here. Anyway.

FlyBarre is the barre class of FlyWheel Sports. Since I enjoyed FlyWheel, I thought I’d try out their barre class. You might remember that my only complaint about FlyWheel is that it’s just such a huge community. It’s hard to feel part of the family when hundreds of people are coming in and out. However, the barre class was different. Though there were 20 people in the class, I told the instructor it was my first time and she helped me throughout the entire class. She’d personally motivate and compliment me throughout, and she’d correct any of my moves whenever I wasn’t doing something properly. I appreciate her investment in me and it changed my perception that FlyWheel Sports is too big of an environment to be a family. After the class, she told me how proud she was of me and let me know that the choreographing would be changing nationally starting on Monday. I found that super interesting, and I’ve decided I’ll try to go more in the coming weeks so I can see how the class evolves.

The structure of the class was simple. We worked arms, seat, and thighs, working abs in between each section. There were no rests in between each section, but the instructor was very clear about how long we would be doing each exercise.

This was probably the most motivating instructor I’ve ever had at a Barre class. I didn’t want to give up, because she kept telling me, “Just think, after this you can get brunch!” or “Come on. You dragged yourself here and now you’re going to cheat yourself and quit? Come on!!!!” etc etc etc. She said it so genuinely, like her health depended on ours. She also understood that when you are asked to hold a very challenging move for a long time (like a 2-minute plank), you’re going to want to know how long you have to hold it.

The set-up of the room allowed for a well-organized, well-run class. There were 20 mats, 10 on each side of the room next to a barre, with a large resistance ball, a resistance band for around your thighs, and a resistance band for around the barre. The thigh exercises used the ball and resistance band, and the ab exercises used the resistance band around the barre—we would do crunches, pulling on the band for added challenge and adding moves onto the crunches like raising and lowering our legs, etc. The thigh and ab work were intense, where a few times I wasn’t sure if I would stay in the move for the entire time, but the arm work was reasonable. You choose the weight size you want, and I used the highest option (3 pounds instead of 1 or 2) and felt I could keep up. I liked that certain parts of the class were more challenging than others, because I felt accomplished and inspired at the same time.


The class went by so fast. She told us we only had 5 minutes left, and I thought she meant of ab work, but she meant until the entire class was over.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced barre class that tones your arms, seat, thighs and abs, then this might be the class for you. There is no cardio; it’s purely meant for toning. I would also highly recommend the class for first-time barre people. If you’ve never done a barre class, this is a simple and safe environment to try one. With Pure Barre, there is a lot of technique and it takes months and months to understand how to do the moves correctly and efficiently. With FlyBarre, anyone can catch on easily, and the instructor will quickly fix you if you’re doing any of the moves incorrectly. She also demonstrates the moves from all sides of the room, so no matter where you are sitting you can just simply watch the instructor and figure it out.

Words Of Hope Blog-- dedicated to vulnerable writing about my crazy life. Check out my new tab Missed Moments about my experiences on public transportation!

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