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Zengo Cycle June 9, 2017Leave a comment

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I did Zengo Cycle with the instructor Shaynna.

Zengo Cycle only exists in DC, but they have five locations and their classes all fill multiple days in advance. It’s becoming hugely popular because it’s a spin class but also a full-body workout.

The way it works is that the instructor cycles at the front of the room on beat. She sets the beat by yelling “1-2-1-2” in rhythm and plays a playlist that exactly aligns with the rhythm. Then, she leads everyone through sprint and endurance portions of cycling, all the while having you do different moves with your arms. The arm movements work your obligues, triceps, biceps, and back muscles through different types of pushups and side crunches—all while cycling!!

It’s definitely unique, and very challenging. The instructor takes everyone through the moves at the beginning, explaining hand positioning and the “rules” of the studio (no cell phones, no talking, etc). But the actual instruction is very limited after that. She really just yelled out the moves; she didn’t re-explain how to do them and sometimes I couldn’t hear her over the music.

In the middle of the ride, there’s a 5-minute breather. The class is 50 minutes, but for those 5 minutes people either cycle at a low speed and power, or don’t cycle at all. It felt a bit weird to stop in the middle, and I felt like I could have spent my time more effectively in those five minutes. I could have gotten off my bike and done some abs or at least done a slow-paced, 5-minute endurance ride. A regular old break was just weird. I didn’t pay to have a break!

The instructor also stopped cycling during one of the high intensity portions of the class. Everyone took that to mean that the intensity was over, so we all stopped cycling, too. She then proceeded to tell us to keep going, informing us that she was just taking a break. It was weird. I totally understand that it’s a SUPER TOUGH workout, but having the instructor give up halfway through was not very motivating.

Overall, I liked it. Great workout. Awesome that it’s full body. I just think it’s one of those classes that would definitely take a few times to get used to. I find classes like that frustrating because I want to work out, not spend half the time figuring out how to work out. It doesn’t feel efficient. I also found the break in the middle frustrating and pointless. Every Zengo Cycle class is different, and I’ve heard the instructors each have different styles and playlists. Maybe I didn’t vibe with Shaynna’s style completely, but maybe I’d love the other instructors.

One cool feature is that they have specialty rides all the time—holiday-themed rides, a DJ one (where a DJ is in the middle of the room and dictates the playlist), themed “parties”, etc. A cute added feature!

I am learning that fitness boutiques here are as much about the fitness as they are about the amenities. I’ve attended studios with high-pressured showers, complete shampoo, body wash, conditioner, hair dryers, bags for your sweaty clothes, hot towels, Q-tips!, makeup remover, the list goes on and on…

The amenities are definitely lacking at the Logan Circle location. There are only two showers-and they’re both not very fancy—when over 70 people (I’d guess) are in each class. Even though I took a five-minute shower, I felt like I was holding other people up in the long line to shower. One caveat is that the front desk staff are super warm and welcoming.

If you’re trying to find a cycling class that’s full body and has a great playlist and awesome front desk staff, this is the place. If you want a super intense workout with zero breaks and then a nice long shower after, then this is not your place (at least not with the routine/instructor I had).

Words Of Hope Blog-- dedicated to vulnerable writing about my crazy life. Check out my new tab Missed Moments about my experiences on public transportation!

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